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Anonymous asked:

Mark and Jackson video chatting with you while they are in Japan?


Mark: It would be one of those cliché, romantic takeout dinner dates. The two of you would order some Chinese food for takeout and enjoy it through webcam, just like you two were together. You’d tell him about your day and how things just weren’t the same without him by your side and he would nod and listen because honestly, he just misses the sound of your voice. It would feel as if he wasn’t hundreds or thousands of miles away.

Jackson: Expect a bunch of close-up kisses to the camera and manic dancing. It would be full of laughter; he’d play around with the webcam effects and make you laugh all night long. He’d probably bring in the other members so that they could say hi to you as well, but later he’d just kick them out so you two could have some alone time. Oh, he wouldn’t want to hang up at all so that when he wakes up, he’d wake up to ~you~ hehe.